Cadenhead’s Old Raj Spiced Gin 46%

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Botanicals used in Old Raj Spiced Gin:

Pink Peppercorn
With a final twist! Smoked Paprika


NOSE: A subtle fruity spice of orange blossom and springtime flowers, the spice reveals itself as the gin opens up even more in the glass.


PALATE: An amazing start to the palate with the orange from the nose pushing forward, some spiced creamy notes with some pink pepper, cumin, and a firm mango-like tangy edge. This palate is growing with a superb sweet heated tangy fruity note.


FINISH: What a taste journey, the warming sweet spices have been a triumph across the mid-palate and the finish flowing into one another with ease.


A smooth well balanced dry fruity gin that will delight any Gin fan


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