KWV 10 Year Old Brandy 750ml

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KWV 10 Year Old Brandy 700ml
ABV: 38%
Region: South Africa

Potstill content 10 years.

Founded in 1918, KWV’s distinguished heritage and pioneering spirit continue ta create innovative products and exceptional brands that are celebrated around the world.

KWV TEN, is testament to a commitment in producing the world’s finest brandies. Matured for at least 10 years in small French Oak barrels, this multi-award winning 100yo Potstill brandy is carefully hand selected and finely crafted over a decade by Brandy Master. Through passion and experience we are able to achieve a brandy with an unrivalled smooth finish. notes of fresh oak and spicy aromas.

Tasting Notes
COLOUR: Deep, alluring amber.

AROMA: Prune, peaches and ripe apricots with vanilla and oakwood.

TASTE: Beautiful nose offering ripe fruit, dried fruit, spice and oak. Complexity on the palet is highlighted by a wave of floral and vanilla notes. Balanced and fine texture finish.


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